What’s the best way to maintain my Balterio laminate floor?

Balterio laminate floors require minimal maintenance. Everyday maintenance is best carried out with a dry microfibre tissue – the magnetic properties of the microfibre tissue will help to remove small dust particles from the grooves.

You can also clean your laminate floor with a vacuum cleaner, provided that it is equipped with a parquet brush or that the attachment is set to the brush position.

You can also wet clean Balterio laminate floors with HydroShield technology. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove the dust. Use a parquet brush or attachment set to the brush position so as not to scratch the floor.
  2. Fill a bucket with one drop of Balterio UltraClean for five litres of water. Fill a second bucket with clean water to rinse your mop or floor cloth.
  3. Immerse your mop or floor cloth in the bucket containing Balterio UltraClean, wring it out thoroughly and mop the laminate floor. Rinse your mop or floor cloth in the second bucket of clean water. Repeat the above until the floor shines.

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