How do I choose the right underfloor for my Balterio laminate floor?

The best result requires thorough preparation. When installing a Balterio laminate floor, a Balterio underlay is essential. An underlay evens out irregularities in the floor below, acts as a vapour barrier and provides noise insulation. Pick the right underfloor to absorb footfall and transmission noise.

  • Boost Plus: entry-level underlay with an excellent price to quality ratio and good absorption of transmission noise (to other rooms).
  • Versa Sound: versatile underlay that absorbs footfall and transmission noise – the ideal solution for second floor bedrooms and apartments.
  • Silent Walk: premium underlay for maximum sound absorption of footfall noise in the room itself, also ideal for floor heating and cooling.

BTUDLBP15 Laminate Accessories Boost Plus BTUDLBP15
Boost Plus
Entry-level underlay with great price-quality ratio and good transmission sound reduction.
15 m²
BTUDLVS15 Laminate Accessories VersaSound BTUDLVS15
Versatile underlay that reduces walking sound and transmission sound, making it the perfect solution for second-floor bedrooms and apartments.
15 m²
BTUDLSW7 Laminate Accessories Silent Walk BTUDLSW7
Silent Walk
Premium quality underlay for maximum reduction of reflected walking sound. Silent Walk is also perfectly suitable for underfloor heating and cooling.
7 m²

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