Is Balterio laminate resistant to cracks?

Like almost all other types of floor covering, including parquet, natural stone tiles, ceramic floors and carpets, laminate is not entirely scratch-free. All Balterio laminate floors have a protective layer of melamine, which makes them scratch-resistant, but not scratch-free – ideal for normal domestic use. Balterio laminate floors with Scratch Protect technology have greater resistance to micro-scratches.

To enjoy your Balterio laminate floor for many years to come, it’s sensible to take some protective measures:

  • You should catch fine dust, small stones and pebbles by placing a high-quality door mat next to external doors and sliding windows.
  • Fit protection under the legs of chairs and other movable furniture – felt pads or soft rubber caps are ideal. Check these protective measures regularly and replace them, if necessary.
  • The wheels of movable furniture should ideally be made from soft rubber and should turn smoothly.
  • The attachments and wheels of vacuum cleaners should also satisfy the protective conditions – soft rubber, wheels that turn smoothly and the attachment set to the brush position. Ensure that the hard base of the attachment does not make contact with the laminate floor and rub against it.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles to sweep your Balterio floor, avoiding all use of hard brushes.

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