A lovely renovation project, including a Balterio laminate floor

First-time buyers Linda and Mathijs from Rotterdam wanted to have a sleek high-quality floor in a very specific colour for their new home.

When they bought their first house it was in need of some serious refurbishing. Their plan was to redo all the rooms and give them a fresh new look.
Part of the plan was to improve the floors. The loose carpet tiles were taken out and replaced by a dust-repellent Balterio laminate floor, providing an ambiance of sheer luxury.

While searching for the floor of their choice, Linda and Mathijs discovered that there is much more to laminate than choosing the right colour: laminate comes in short and long, wide and narrow planks; it is available with or without V-grooves and in a wide range of colours and different structures, etc.

The couple ended up buying a dark laminate floor for the living area and a pale laminate floor for the bedrooms. They installed the floors themselves, with the help of a friend.

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