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The exclusive Chromezone® technology enhances the True to nature® touch by giving the wood grains a vivid and radiant luster on a mat surface.

ComfortSound Pro®

The heavyweight subfloor to mute the reflection sound that is also ideal to go with underfloor heating (and -cooling).
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Light & Grey

Matisse Oak
Matisse Oak 080

Renaissance Oak
Renaissance Oak 592

Almond Oak
Almond Oak 730

Natural & Caramel

Picasso Oak
Picasso Oak 082

Monet Oak
Monet Oak 084

Rococo Oak
Rococo Oak 108

Natural & Caramel

Ensor Oak
Ensor Oak 110

Old French Oak
Old French Oak 593

Providence Oak
Providence Oak 731

Brown & Dark

Magritte Oak
Magritte Oak 098

Wellington Oak
Wellington Oak 594

Hermitage Oak
Hermitage Oak 601


Grandeur is an exclusive floor with an oak look. The matt-shiny laminate is virtually indistinguishable from solid parquet floor and radiates pure luxury. The long and wide planks with V-groove enhance the feeling of spaciousness and make Grandeur the perfect floor for your living room. Thanks to the PressXpress® click system, installation is quick and easy.
9 mm | 2039 x 238 mm | 80.2756 x 9.3701 inch | 6.6896 x 0.7808 ft
5 PLANKS/PACK | 2,4264 m² = 26.1176 ft² | ± 20 KG/PACK = ± 44.1 POUND/PACK

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

Balterio is certified:
ISO 9001 for quality management   |   ISO 14001 for environmental management   |   OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management

PEFC regulations

We only use PEFC certified HDF for Balterio branded products. This means that the wood comes from well managed forests, the so called ‘clean wood” and for each tree cut, a new one is planted. Read more.

Blue Angel

All Balterio brand laminate flooring products are certified Blue Angel.
The purpose of Blue angel is to give answers to the growing information needs of consumers for healthy and environmental friendly products.

ue zeichen

The German Ü mark for construction products is administered by German DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology)

The French “Etiquettage Sanitaire” is a quality label (law DEVL1104875A) and indicates the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) for building materials, floor and wall coverings as well as paints.