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Just as for practically all types of floor coverings (including parquet floor, natural stone, ceramic floors, carpeting, vinyl) laminate can also become scratched, certainly by sharp objects. All Balterio laminate floors are provided with a top protective layer (melamine) so they are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. The top protective layer allows normal domestic as well as light commercial use. Some precautionary measures are best taken if you wish to enjoy your Balterio laminate floor for many years. Fine dust, small stones, small pebbles, etc. must be caught by placing a high quality mat at outside doors or sliding windows on a terrace, for example. With chairs or other movable furniture the floor is best protected at the bottom of the legs, for example with protective felt pieces or soft rubber pads. Regularly check if the protection is still in good condition and replace when worn. Wheels under furniture are preferably also of the soft rubber type and on office chairs, etc. they must swivel easily. Cleaning heads and wheels of vacuum cleaners should also comply with these protection guidelines: soft rubber, easily swivelling wheels and the cleaning head in the brush position. Make sure that the hard bottom side of the cleaning head does not touch and scratch the laminate floor. Also do not use stiff sweeping brushes if you want to clean your Balterio laminate floor, preferably use a sweeper brush with soft hair.