Balterio® laminate flooring offers the best value for money in a wide range of colours and styles. Balterio® takes pride in the styling and durability of its floors and in its commitment to honour strong and reliable warranties. Our flooring meets strict production standards (EN 13329) and is covered by residential and commercial warranties. When it comes to your home, business or family, only the best is good enough.

Balterio® Warranties
The legal warranties in the countries of purchase apply without restrictions to the Balterio® products specified below. In addition, in all countries where Balterio® laminate flooring is sold through (approved) distributors, Balterio® provides a commercial warranty as stipulated in the current conditions.

If the packaging with the warranty conditions has been lost, you can either consult the warranty conditions on the Balterio® website (www.balterio.com), or obtain them directly from the Balterio® department of Unilin bvba (Ooigemstraat 3, 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium) (hereinafter referred to as “Balterio®”), or from the distributor and/or the installer of your Balterio® laminate floor.
Visible defects?
Before installing the Balterio® floor panels and accessories, these must be thoroughly checked for visible defects under the best lighting conditions. In any case the customer must refrain from installing visibly defective products. Any such defects must be reported to the Balterio® distributor and/or installer or in the ultimate case, to Unilin bvba at the latest 8 calendar days after purchase. The defective products will be replaced. Any complaints made after this period shall not qualify for the warranty.
Material and production defects?
In the event of material or production defects in the Balterio® products, Balterio® will replace the deficient products in accordance with the present warranty conditions. This is limited to the replacement of the defective Balterio® product and excludes compensation for any other damage or costs incurred or to be incurred such as, but not restricted to, placement costs and removal expenses.
Duration of warranty for material and production defects?
The Balterio® warranty applies to the following Balterio® brand products for residential and, depending on the floor type, commercial use. The duration of this warranty is dependent on the laminate type concerned and on the purposes it is used for, as indicated in the table below:

CollectionWarranty for residential applicationsWarranty for commercial applications
Grande, Impressio, Magnitude, Quattro Vintage, Xperience4Plus, Xperience, Stretto, Urban, Pure Stone 25 years 12 years
Xpressions, Dolce Vita, Dolce 20 years 10 years

The term “residential applications” shall be understood as: the use of the laminate as a floor covering in a private residence that is used for private purposes only. The term “commercial applications” shall be understood as: the use of the laminate as a floor covering in non-residential premises, including but not limited to hotels, offices, shops and stores.

In addition, Balterio® provides a lifetime warranty (limited to a period of 33 years) of the preservation and integrity of the click connections ClickXpress®, DropXpress® and FitXpress®. This lifetime warranty of the integrity of the Balterio® click connections applies only to permanent joints with a width larger than 0.2 mm and on the condition that the Balterio® brand laminate floor is placed according to the Balterio® laying instructions and in combination with the approved Balterio® subfloors (as specified on www.balterio.com.).

The warranty period commences on the date of the purchase.
Suitable rooms?
For the warranty to apply, the Balterio® laminated floors must be placed indoors in rooms suitable for laminate flooring. Spaces suitable for Balterio® laminated floors are specified on the packaging and on the Balterio® website (www.balterio.com). The laying of Balterio® laminated floors covered by the warranty in spaces other than mentioned on the packaging is possible only after prior explicit permission in writing from Balterio®.

The laminate floors are not suitable for damp and/or moist areas such as, among others, but not limited to, bathrooms or saunas except for the Grande collection. The boards of the Grande collection are water-repelling. Thanks to the HydroShield protection, no water seeps through the click connection. This makes Grande the ideal laminate floor in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen & bathroom. On the Grande laminate floors, Balterio® offers an additional guarantee on the water resistance in residential applications: see further.

Rooms with an immediate access to the street need a transition between the street and the room where the laminate is installed.
Warranty cover?
  • Wear resistance: Balterio® guarantees that with normal use the laminate surface will stay wear-resistant, including delamination or reduced resistance of the wearing surface. However, in the event of products with V-groove, the reduced resistance of the V-groove is not included in the warranty. In addition, a change to the gloss level does not apply as wear of the laminate surface. Laminate is fade resistant, not 100% fade proof. It is generally accepted that all gloss finishes (i.e. paint, glass, furniture or car surfaces,…) are susceptible to superficial fading/gloss variation. This is not considered as a product fault.
  • Stain resistance: Balterio® laminated floor surfaces are resistant to stains such as from red wine, ketchup, etc.
Invoking the warranty – authorization of warranty claims?
In order to invoke the warranty you must present the original dated invoice to your dealer or point of sale where you purchased the Balterio product.

They will check your claim to Balterio and pass it on. The warranty can only be invoked by the first user or the original purchaser of the Balterio® laminate, and cannot be transferred. The first user or the original purchaser is the one indicated on the original invoice.

For the warranty to be able to be invoked, the damage to the product must be obvious and the damaged surface area must be at least 1 cm² per product unit (panel, accessory, etc.). Such damage must not be the result of misuse or accidents, including but not restricted to mechanical damage such as heavy impact damage, scratches or grooves (for example by dragging furniture) or notches.

If the warranty can be invoked with a valid claim, Balterio® will replace the laminate floor with floor panels from the Balterio® collections that are in stock at the time when the claim is received.

Balterio® provides no other warranty whatsoever, neither explicit nor tacit, than the one specified in the current warranty conditions. Unless the legislation of the country of purchase does not permit this, and with the exception of the statutory provisions concerning product liability, Balterio® cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages and costs resulting from deficient products. In any case, Balterio® cannot be held liable for the costs of the removal and laying of the laminate products, and/or travelling expenses or transaction costs.
What is not covered by this warranty?
Any damage to the product resulting from a defect that was not inherently present at the time of purchase falls outside the scope of this warranty. This includes damage caused by:
  • Inadequate placement, i.e. placement not according to the Balterio laying instructions (as specified on www.balterio.com) and/or without making use of the approved Balterio® accessories such as the Balterio subfloors (Iso-Trans, Iso-Silent, Thermo-Trans and Thermo-Silent), skirting and profiles in the Balterio® designs/colours (True Matching® colours). A receipt must be presented as proof that the Balterio® accessories were used with the installation of the laminate floor. The Balterio® accessories can easily be recognised by the SmartFinish® logo on the package. They are also shown in the latest version of the Balterio® catalogue or on the Balterio® website (www.balterio.com). The Balterio® skirting and profiles have “SmartFinish True Matching Made in E.C.” printed on the rear. The Balterio® subfloors have the SmartFinish® logo imprint and have the 1 cm² squares printed on them.
  • Non-compliance with the instructions for cleaning and maintenance as described on the Balterio® website.
  • Accidents or inappropriate and inadequate usage.
  • Abnormal wear such as may be caused by spiked shoes, inadequate protection from furniture, grit, sand and other hard materials. Damage caused by sand, dirt or any other abrasive material must be prevented by placing a suitable floor mat at all entrance doors. To determine whether the wear is abnormal, relevant ambient factors, the duration and the intensity of use of the product are taken into account.
  • Water damage caused by ice machines, refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, pipes, natural disasters, excessive moisture in concrete slabs, hydrostatic pressure, etc. In case of the presence of water and/or moisture on the floor and/or around the skirting boards, this must be removed immediately, except for Grande laminate floors: see further.
  • Incorrect removal or replacement of panels.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner frames or by the hard or metal wheels of office chairs or other furniture. With laminate floors, furniture legs should always be fitted with suitable protective material. Chairs, easy chairs/settees or furniture on wheels must be fitted with soft wheels or must be placed on specially adapted protective carpet or plates. Damage caused by corrosive or abrasive substances such as pet urine.
5 year water resistance guarantee on Grande laminate floors.
  • This guarantee on water resistance only applies to residential installations of Balterio® Grande laminate floors in wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and entrances. Product failures in these areas are under guarantee if all the installation instructions and the general guarantee conditions have been met. (see above).
  • The floor may not be installed in very moist places or extremely dry places or places with extremely high temperatures (such as, but not limited to, saunas, swimming pools and rooms with built-in drainage, such as showers).
  • Remaining moisture on the floor and on or around the skirting boards, wall base or profile, must be removed within 1 hour. Maintenance with too much water and/or the use of incorrect cleaning agents must be avoided at all times. As prolonged exposure to moisture can cause irreversible damage to your laminate floor, the Balterio® installation instructions must be followed. All expansion joints must be filled with a strong compressible PE-foam and sealed with the Balterio® Watershield kit in accordance with the installation instructions. Skirting boards, floor profiles and rosettes around the radiator pipes must be sealed along the wall and floor covering.
  • The water resistance guarantee excludes damage caused by natural disasters (e.g. flooding) or naturally occurring circumstances/accidents (e.g. sanitary breakdowns, pet urine, leaking dishwashers, leaking washing machines and/or dryers ....)
Notice to the customer:
Please keep your receipt. If the Balterio® laminate floor is not installed by the user, but by a floor layer/installer, the latter should provide the user with a copy of the installation and maintenance instructions and the warranty conditions.

For questions regarding guarantees, we recommend that you contact your Balterio® brand laminate floor distributor where you purchased the laminate floor. Should your Balterio® brand laminate floor distributor be unable to provide you with answers or should you need additional information, you can turn to: Unilin bvba, Division Balterio - Consumer Care Service‚ Ooigemstraat 3‚ 8710 WIELSBEKE – BELGIUM – www.balterio.com and click on customer services. The Balterio® guarantee conditions do not affect the legally applicable guarantee on Balterio® products.

Balterio® reserves the right to inspect the complaint and claim concerning its product on site, installed or otherwise, and must be given the opportunity to do so. Without prior approval of Unilin bvba division Balterio – Consumer Care Service no repairs or replacements may be made to a Balterio® brand laminate floor for which a warranty claim has been made.