The right subfloor will absorb any sound

A subfloor is indispensable for laminate flooring. The right subfloor is the second most important choice after the laminate itself and guarantees a longer life span of the laminate. Depending on the selected subfloor, it helps to level the floor, may stop moisture ingress, conducts heat and insulates sound.

Choose the subfloor that suits your needs. The choice of subfloor depends on where the laminate flooring is going to be placed. For a pleasant and comfortable sound in a room where the laminate is going to laid, the best choice would be a subfloor providing maximum damping of walking sound.
To dampen the sound heard by the neighbours below, you need to select a subfloor that reduces transmission sound.

Balterio has developed a balanced and high quality range of subfloors that, if combined with the correct installation and maintenance conditions, ensure that you will be able to enjoy your Balterio laminate floor for many years. In addition, Balterio offers a lifelong guarantee (limited to 33 years) on the integrity of the click connection between the floor panels, provided that they have been installed together with the Balterio subfloors.

Balterio offers a selection of three subfloors:
1) ComfortSound Base: the lightweight subfloor that dampens transmission sound
2) ComfortSound Plus: the lightweight subfloor that levels more substantial irregularities and also suits locations with heavy traffic.
3) ComfortSound Pro: the heavyweight subfloor that greatly dampens walking sounds in the room and the ideal subfloor for underfloor heating.

All Balterio subfloors feature an integrated moisture screen offering the best protection against possible rising moisture. The surface imprint makes it easy to cut Balterio subfloors around obstacles.

All Balterio subfloors are compatible with underfloor cooling and underfloor heating.

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