The trend is towards mat!

Today's materials are straightforward, nostalgic and authentic: concrete, porcelain, metal, wood, copper, oiled leather and mat stone. The trend is towards mat, mat and more mat. We see mat structures appearing everywhere: in paintwork on cars (e.g. mat black), in other paint colours, furniture finishes, in make-up with mat lipsticks, on computers, etc.

The wide collection of Balterio laminate floors also includes very many decors with a mat finish. Butterscotch Elm, Dakota Elm and Amber Elm in the Xperienceplus collection have not only been given a mat finish, there is also the new 3D-Wood Effect structure. This structure gives the floor a dimensional mat appearance and emphasises the natural relief of the wood grain. An elegant two-sided V-groove finishes the planks with class. The new PressXpress® [PXP] laying system on Xperienceplus also ensures superfast laying: ‘pressing’ the floor panels into place with the ends against each other is all you have to do. Discover Xperienceplus here.

If you looking are for a fashionable mat floor for a fair price Dolce is the perfect choice. The Old Grey Oak and Fossil Oak decors give your interior authenticity and character with a mat finish. You can feel and see each knot and wood grain thanks to the True-to-nature Touch technology from Balterio. Discover Dolce here.

With Dolce and Xperienceplus you have a laminate floor that cannot be distinguished from a real parquet floor!

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