Balterio wins Award for best website

The readers of UK's leading interior decoration magazine, Interiors Monthly, have granted the Balterio website with the award for "Best Flooring Website". With a high score of 32% of the votes, the Balterio sites prooves it's functional and well received by both retailers and consumers. 

 “Congratulations to Balterio for winning the Interiors Monthly award for best website for floor products. It is truly one of the best websites that I have visited. My favourite part is the Room Designer because I find it difficult to picture a fully finished room. The site gives you the possibility to change the colour of the furniture and walls so that you can see which style and colour laminate floor will suit your room best. There are various photos available and whether it's your living room, dining room, bedroom or lounge you're looking to redecorate, you see the result immediately.
The site looks good, works quickly, has useful information, is simple to use and above all is visually magnificent.

Well done Balterio!

Joanne Miller
Director, Interiors Monthly"

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