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Laminate floors can sometimes crack when walked on. This is usually due to incorrect laying and/or too dry air. When laying laminate it is necessary to leave the packages to acclimatise for 48 hours in the room where the laminate will be laid, the floor surface must be flat, dry and free of dust, a vapour screen is to be laid, the subfloor used must be compression-resistant (this means that the subfloor keeps its thickness and creep over time), expansion joints of at least 8 mm are left between the laminate and each obstacle (wall, door frame, pillar, etc.), every 10 metres in length and width an expansion joint of min 8 mm is provided, and the laminate is laid in a space for which it is intended (so not in a bathroom, orangery/veranda, etc.). Too dry air can also cause slight cracking noises. Ensure a relative air humidity of approximately 55-60 % in the room. For laying instructions see (laying instructions)