Laying laminate floors is easy if you follow our installation instructions
Here you can find all the information you need to successfully lay your Balterio laminate floor. Our fast and efficient laying systems let you start enjoying your chosen laminate floor in no time at all. The preparation of the subfloor, the laying of the underlay, finishing with skirting and mouldings and maintenance are just as important for enjoying your Balterio laminate floor for years on end. Discover it here.
  • Subfloor

    Before you install the right subfloor and the laminate, you need to prepare the surface properly. Watch our installation films to find out what the ideal drying time for fresh screed is and how you should prepare the surface.

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    Preparing the subfloor

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    Drying period for fresh concrete subfloors

    In new houses recently poured concrete should be left to dry for a sufficiently long period. The room should be adequately ventilated.

    The rule of thumb is:
    • 1 week of drying per cm for any thickness up to 4 cm;
    • 2 weeks of drying per cm for any thickness over 4 cm; (thus, you should leave concrete with a thickness of 6 cm drying for (1 × 4) + (2 × 2) = 8 weeks)
    • the moisture content of the concrete should not exceed 2.5 % (CM method). In combination with underfloor heating, the moisture level should not exceed 1.5 % (CM method). Note that factors such as relative humidity and temperature must also be taken into account.
  • Select your underlay

    A subfloor is indispensable before you install the laminate and ensures a longer life for the floor. Depending on the subfloor selected, it will level out the floor, protect against any rising damp, conduct heat and provide sound insulation.

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    Folded underlay

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    Underlay on a roll

  • Select your collection

    Installing laminate is very simple. Roll your laminate floor together, drop the planks together or simply press them together. Whether you choose ClickXpress or FitXpress, each system ensures a firm and seamless transition.

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    Laying the collections with ClickXpress® [CXP]

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    Laying the collections with DropXpress® [DXP]

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  • Laminate under a door

    Installing laminate under doors can sometimes cause difficulties. The door frame is usually in the way, as it extends all the way to floor level. Would you like to know how to lay laminate under a door? Check out our installation films “Starting at a door” and “Ending at a door”

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    Starting from a door

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    Ending at a door

  • Laying laminate around radiator pipes

    Installing laminate around radiator pipes can sometimes cause difficulties.
    Would you like to know how to lay laminate around pipes? Check out our installation video. You’ll master the skill in no time, and can then enjoy your chosen laminate flooring

  • Maintaining your laminate floor

    Balterio laminate flooring is very easy to maintain, and with suitable maintenance products your floor will retain its superb quality for many years.