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Roble Loch Ness
60059 Roble Loch Ness
Roble Titicaca
60060 Roble Titicaca
Roble Garda
60106 Roble Garda
Roble Caspian
60142 Roble Caspian
Roble Escala
60183 Roble Escala
Roble Marfil
60184 Roble Marfil
Pino Ártico
60185 Pino Ártico
Pino Natural
60186 Pino Natural
Pino Dorado
60187 Pino Dorado
Pine Carbón
60188 Pine Carbón
Roble Ardiente
60915 Roble Ardiente
Roble Savannah
60917 Roble Savannah
Roble Wadi Rum
60928 Roble Wadi Rum
Roble Marrón Nocturno
60929 Roble Marrón Nocturno
Roble Frappuccino
60930 Roble Frappuccino
Roble Dorado Platinado
60931 Roble Dorado Platinado


Impressio es una colección exclusiva con robles rugosos y pinos refinados en lamas cortas y anchas. Con Panoramic design, el patrón de la madera pasa ópticamente de una lama a otra, dando la impresión que las lamas son infinitamente largas, tal y como deberían ser. Esto es lo que se llama impresionante.
8 mm | 1261 x 244 mm | 49.6456 x 9.6063 inch | 4.1371 x 0.8005 ft
8 LAMAS/PAQUETE | 2,4615 m² = 26.4951 ft² | ± 17,5 KG/PAQUETE = ± 38.58 LIBRAS/PAQUETE

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

Balterio is certified:
ISO 9001 for quality management   |   ISO 14001 for environmental management   |   OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management

PEFC regulations

We only use PEFC certified HDF for Balterio branded products. This means that the wood comes from well managed forests, the so called ‘clean wood” and for each tree cut, a new one is planted. Read more.

ue zeichen

The German Ü mark for construction products is administered by German DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology)

The French “Etiquettage Sanitaire” is a quality label (law DEVL1104875A) and indicates the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) for building materials, floor and wall coverings as well as paints.